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FROM: The Trading Desk of Nicola Delic
RE: Invitation to the Private Elliott Wave Secret Lab

May 23, 2018

Dear Fellow Trader,

Are you frustrated because you want to make a full time income trading the forex market but you don't know how?

Do you find it interesting to you that others are able to profit every single day while you're still losing on almost every trade?

Perhaps you are struggling to find the right system that will help you become a better trader, but you are not sure what system to use?

If so, you are not alone...

I fully understand how you feel...

When I first got started with forex trading 6 years ago, I had no clue how to start and I switched to over 30 trading strategies until I found something that worked...

I remember going through a bunch of problems on the way to success, every system I found that was profitable for the first couple of days ended up losing me money.

Does this sound familiar to you?

It used to take me hours to figure out what pair to pick, what strategy to use, what risk to take etc etc... There is a saying “you may have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your Prince or Princess” and oh man does that relate to my early trading journey until….

I read on many forums about something called the Elliott Wave Theory. I bought R. Pretcher's Book “Elliott Wave Principle”, which was a difficult read. After the second time reading this excellent book I realized that this is the only strategy that has a proven track record over almost 100 years. Therefore  I decided to master it.

It was difficult to get into all the subtleties of the Elliot Wave theory but it proved an excellent decision since this strategy had a huge impact on my trading skills.

I continued to practice (minimum 8 hours a day until I'd master it). This helped me to increase the number of winning trades and to also reduce the numbers of losing trades.

Getting into this theory wasn't just about seeing the market more clearly, it also helped me to handle my emotions while trading.I think this is due mainly to the fact that the Elliott Wave Theory tells you exactly where to put stop losses and how much you can expect the market to rise or fall.

I've been using THIS same strategy for the last six years, and I'm still profitable...

Following my success I decided that I’d like to help my fellow traders worldwide to make a profit every single month trading on the forex market.  Therefore I opened my private Elliott Wave Secret Lab.

I care only about the quality of forex setups, not quantity!

... all I care about in trading is how many quality forex setups I can find for my clients. I'll spend hours and hours analysing the  forex market and waiting for the right setup that will have a good chance of playing out before I enter a position... After six years as a profitable trader I would like the chance to work with you now to help you achieve your trading goals...

Here Are Few Facts Why Our Club Is Different...

  • Our Strategy "The Elliott Wave" has over 100 years of Profitable Track Records!
  • Our traders get powerful & easy to follow forex alerts and idea’s every day!
  • Our traders always know the direction of the market!

Here are a few trades I took based on my ‘Analysis & Strategy’!

The three examples above show my setup chart on the left (so you can see the  reasons why I placed my orders in the first place) and the charts on the right represent what the market did after the orders got filled…so you see my style of trading really works.

The Elliott Wave Secret Lab Main Features!

Learn Exactly What You Are Going To Experience Inside Our Private Club...

ELLIOTT WAVE FORECASTS - To enable you to make the best decision for your trades I will bring you every single trading day:

  • Elliott Wave forecasts covering 18 pairs (14 Forex 4 Commodities).
  • Every pair in the Elliott Wave Forecast webpage comes in three different time frames 1-day, 4-hours &1-hour so that you will have my comprehensive view of the market.
  • In addition, I up-date my 1-hour Elliott Wave charts three times per trading day (the UK, Asian and USA market updates) therefore you are always going to stay on the right side of the market.

DAILY WATCH LIST- The top potential mover/s and the relative game plan that I prepare every night will be presented on the website before the following days trading, by means of:

  • A setup chart and full description how to setup your trade.
  • A Video. I’ll explain in the Daily Watch-List video The Elliott Wave Strategy relative to that’s days trading plan.
    This comprehensive coverage will direct you to the forex pairs that need monitoring during the forthcoming sessions.

TRADERS CHAT ROOM - Every client is going to have full access to our Traders Chat Room:

  • Every day for 8-10 hours you are going to have comments, updates and ideas about the market.
  • The chatroom can also be beamed to your phone or tablet to prevent you missing a move or an update, allowing you to stay firmly in touch with our forex market positions.
  • I can answer any trading questions you may have regarding my forecasts/charts/messages I have placed in the chatroom.
  • Please Note: As this service is dedicated to trading, ‘off – topic’ chatter is not permitted.
    Some traders in the chat room work full time, if my chart updates are buried in a long list of “off-topic” discussion it makes it very hard to see the real market messages I send out. Extended off topic discussions about brokers, rules, general market conditions can be done via email/skype or private message.

LIVE TRADING SESSIONS - Mon - Fri I hold a live 20-30 min webinar to prepare my members for the impending USA & Asian market sessions. During the webinar I will:

  • Review current market action on currency pairs and commodities.
  • Provide coaching on any Elliott Wave strategies you need to be aware of during the forthcoming market sessions.
  • Answer any trading questions you may have.
    For members who are unable to attend or want to watch the webinar again, it is recorded and uploaded quickly after finishing the live presentation.
    As a “hands-on” Trading Coach please do not hesitate to skype or email me any trading questions or queries.

And Much More!

What My Club Members Have To Say To You...

This All Sounds Nice, But How Much Is This Going To Cost?

My current fee structure for Institutional clients using my services is $5000. By creating this club, YOU now have the opportunity of “shadowing” my Elliott Wave trading strategies and live trades and in doing so you will quickly realise why those organisations pay me those high fees.

My introductory price of $97 per month. This price at some point will and I’m not telling you when, will rise to the standard membership cost of $197 per month for future new members.

Want to think about it for a bit longer? That’s fine with me but please appreciate that you could end up paying $100 per month more for membership once this current intro offer lapses. In addition to the trades and coaching that you’ll be missing out on.

Pull the trigger now and click the "Get Instant Access" button

Claim Your Spot In Our Private Club!

YES, I want in! I want access to the “Elliott Wave Secret Lab” right now.

Your spot is waiting for you. Only $97 gets you instant access so you can start boosting your trading account. Just click the green “Get Instant Access” button above.

Refund Policy: Elliott Wave Secret Lab has a NO REFUND POLICY and ALL SALES ARE FINAL with any purchased Subscriptions. 

It's Time For You To Become Profitable Trader
- See You Inside & Let's Profit Together...


P.S. My clients come to me because they demand a steady income into their accounts. Join the Club today to block anyone else from taking your slot.

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